Community Fundraiser & Fair Wage Dinner series

Inaugural June 19, 2023

Support of: Knox County Gleaners

Powered by Cafe Miranda

The Facts:

WHY: Support local service organizations that support Homelessness, Food insecurity, addiction & recovery, kids. 

Provide a fair wage for all staff commensurate with their experience, skill and passion,  similar to electricians, plumbers and fellow craftspeople.  Keep the lights on. Kerry needs to cook. You need Miranda food. 

First Dinner supports 

  • Limited to 24 ish attendees.
  •  Chef Kerry cooks, possibly with guest Chefs. 
  • Entertainment By EENOR. Audience participation at no extra cost
  • Mondays only. Number one is June 19th. We will do them once a week max, or until we can’t sell any more.
  • Time: 6 PM
  • 6 courses, at least. 
  • What food? Miranda faves from 30 years. 
  • Who decides? Chef Kerry does with input from ticket holders. No guarantees but he will consider!
  • Family-ish style, set for groups of two. Singles welcome & accommodated 
  • Comes with: Pelligrino, espresso as needed, nap space, soft drinks.
  • Cost: 250 pp + beverage, tax & tip. 


BREAD! The famous wood baked focaccia w/ Fiore Olive oil & balsamic vinegar.  Now remember if you eat too much, your supper goes home in a box. This is an endurance event, not a sprint~!!!

Hummus Goes to Italy– Chickpea & artichoke dip, olive oil, fresh lemon & a pile of parsley

Mussels in Thai Red Curry– coconut & curry broth, cilantro, scallion & lime finish

Shredded Beets & Greens Salad- Arugula, radicchio, walnuts wit shredded beet, horseradish, balsamic and some things I forgot.

Fire Baked “Ron Mac & Cheese” Our fresh house pasta, cream, lotsa 3 cheeses, marinated tomato, roasted greens. 

For Ron Wilbur.

Brave appetizer- Port Clyde Fresh Catch crabmeat tossed w/ Fiore olive oil & parsley on salami rounds.

INTERMEZZO– Ole’ Smokey Billington- Pearl hot dog w/ smokehouse bacon & cheese on focaccia. 

Music by EEnorr, 

Chicken Jerry- Chicken breast, panko breaded, fried, on yellow jasmine pilaf rice, blue cheese, “The Usual Suspects” cilantro-lime- sesame seed slaw, sweet hot dressing.

The Finish

More espresso/ coffee/tea

Ital/American selection of sweets

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With one-of-a-kind recipes throughout, this book is a surefire way to have your dinner guests talking about your food and coming back for more. So if you’re looking to make yourself stand out in the kitchen, don’t hold back with the amazing recipes in this book.

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© 2022, Cafe Miranda • Privacy Policy
This means copyrighted. The large print giveth. The small print taketh away. Website By Adventure Advertising