Posted Saturday, October 5, 2019

Food & Petrol is in Damariscotta! You unleaded unicorns of F&P recall the cool basement taco spot in D Scotta? Well the space is back, different folks. Que Rico is the name, formerly a food truck in adjacent Newcastle. Now at (really) One Taco Alley in Damariscotta. @querico
There really has been a plethora of places offering tacos the last few years. The fish version for sure, often in non ethnic spots. Goody for us! Then there is this spot. Que Rico.
My chorizo and chicken tacos were superb and a good value. Pickled onion, cilantro and a killer habanero salsa. There is also the usual burritos, quesadillas and such plus chicken mole, guisado, sopas and more . Counter service, beer and wine. Guess I’ll see youse here all winter long. Eat safe and Ride healthy! Chef Kerry

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