Fryeburg Fair is Subjected to Food & Petrol! Part 1

Posted Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Maine Fairs.
So many! Union, Windsor, Blue Hill, Hippe infested Common Ground (worth a post next year for sure!). And now, Fryeburg! Regarded as The Blue Ribbon Fair as it is the largest of the lot. Woodsman competitions with axes, saws, Skidder races, 4-H, pig scrambles, all sorts of livestock, fried dough, giant stuffed toys, carney’s barking & selling xmas cards in July, Harness racing. I am heading here at the recommendation of our Governor, The Honorable Governor Janet Mills. Thanks Guv!

For me a solo tour, anonymous in black with sunglasses I perused the fair. Wait, let’s get some fries like RIGHT NOW! A fair staple for sure. Oh, but to choose a vendor. Here is the chef’s tips on Fries at da Fair.
1.Stand across the fairway and observe. A line? Good.
2. Are the fries browned? Good.
3. Look closer. Are they par cooking the raw fries as we do at Cafe Miranda for that second cooking’s crispy outside with smooth potato creaminess inside?
4. Ok, now look around the vendor’s spot. Are there bags of actual spuds piled behind or thereabouts? Are they Russet potatoes or a “water” IE: round potato? No bags o’ Spuds mean fresh from a freezer, no par cook means an initially crisp but soon a limp mealy fry, water potatoes mean a challenge to get crisp but it can be done. Par cooked russets?
5. Go there.

Now see my photos of my first Fry, Chef Potatoes, WTF is that? Well a random, often gigantic un graded (to size) spud. It’ll do. I will often look at fairs for the locals, not the packaged vendors that come with the Scare o’ tron. The local Maine ones, the Catholic Church stand, The Lions and of course that staple of every Maine Fare the supper house with Turkey dinners, Boiled dinner, breakfast early, really Diner food from 1972. Great!

Back to the fries. Score for me, crisp, creamy, and WTF, sweet chili sauce? Whoops, skip that, gimme Ketchup and more salt! Homework done=satisfied fry eater.

Petrol? I almost forgot! Ah, My daily driver for 10+ years. 2005 Dodge Magnum RT wagon.. Yes, 350HP hemi, all wheel drive, Flowmaster to hear that V-8, Law enforcement cow catcher, bangin tunes and some fun, particularly in the snow with traction control off. Four rooster tails and roaring Hemi? You bet!

Well my fans of car and charcoal grills, I bid adieu for now. Look for part 2!
Varooooooommmmmm. Chef Kerry
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