Food & Petrol: Winter Wood Stove Edition

Posted Monday, April 1, 2019

“Cream Of Leftovers” or Musings on How to heat a trio of leftovers without ruining them.

A term I used to describe soup in my hotel stint in the ‘80s. After a banquet, the soup d’jour of the next day. Pre-consumer if you must know.

This little bit is another of my non-petrol infused winter old school wood stove cooking spiels. Woodstove. No oven, just the top. Primitive, attention thieving, fun.

Indispensable in this reheat-o-rama is the cast iron pan & lid. Saute, sear, THE BEST pizza reheater, boil and keep dreaming of all you can do. It’s already hot. We cooks just need heat and a thick pan. We’ll deal.

The slew starts with the “Sleeper Pizza” from, as are all three in this, Cafe Miranda.

Pizza in this pan w/ lid is as close as we get to the wood fire bricks. Heat on the bottom = crispy crust. Lower heat, on the medium side, use the lid. If you like, a bit of Fiore fine olive oil in the pan gives a bit of a fried breadstick crust, a dry pan is more like our oven. How long? Until it is hot, cheese gooey. Ready to burn the roof of your mouth.

Now what else?

Cafe M Stir Fry with pulled pork, scallops, rice noodles, hearty greens. Steady heat re-stir fries to a lovely reincarnation. Pierogies w/ brisket & roasted tomato? Add some h2o & go. Now certainly lasagna is not reheated any better than a microwave (Short 15 second cycles with a pause between zaps). Here on the Headacre Farm, when the stove is going, no microwave, we Major wave, with wood.

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