Food & Petrol strikes again!

Posted Friday, June 22, 2018

I was heading to Belmont Motorcycle Performance and Micah Fenwick, THE superior Ducati, Moto Guzzi, BMW and whathaveya tech, i was in need of coffee and something sweet. What should i see appearing but The wonderfully restored Lincolnville General Store!!!

A killer wine and beer selection, Wood fired oven, great staff AND my old pal, Chef (too bad, that is what you is) Ladleah Dunn heading up the food department!

Long ago her family watched my then infant (now 25, do the math) son, Evan Altiero! Great cookies, coffee and catching up with a respected, visionary peer, Ms. Dunn (also a Ducatisti).

Ok, we may have hatched a fall or winter collaboration ‘tween Cafe Miranda Rockland and the LGS! Stay tuned, it WILL be fun, whatever we cook (!) up.

Really though, you must drop in. A relaxing porch or indoor seating all in a lovingly restored historic building stocked to the nines with all sorts of prepared foods, goods and I did say wine and beer no? Great for a Sunday or any day scenic drive, 2 wheels or four, or just needing good, well prepared foods, this is your local.

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