Food & Petrol Quicktake

Posted Thursday, December 19, 2019

Airport chow? We see OTTOS in Boston’s Logan Airport.

I must say, in the past few years I have seen a marked improvement in, well, pretty much all food areas. Remember when the golden arches started serving salads? If anything, that is an indicator for sure. What are acceptable food options for the average person has definitely gotten better. In my 39 (!) years in this industry, the floor and the bar has been raised. Case in point: OTTOS pizza at Logan airport!

Thanks ( NOT) to Spirit Airlines, maybe the least appropo name in business, I was delayed at Logan. The line at Dunkin and Barstucks (sic) were ridiculous so I wandered about to view options. There were many options past the fried crappola we are used to. Poke Bowls, salads, smoothies and such. Then like an oasis there was a familiar, trusted sign OTTOS! Yep, same subway tile, mashed spud & bacon pizza, 3 bucks a slice. Good and cheap in a major international airport? What alternate reality is this? None really, Maine values of Quality & Value that we hold dear. So it is 6:30 AM, been up since 4, even I can’t stomach pizza unless it is last night’s cold pizza with a fuzzy head. Oh, a OTTOS breakfast sandwich on a focaccia roll?

Count me in! Heated thru in the pizza oven, not a microwave so no rubber sandwich here, cheese melted, warm eggygoodness, crispy roll. Yes! A solid. Not to mention the unpretentious backyard picnic paper plate. 5 Bucks. Deal!

Petrol? Airbus A319 , Range: 4,287 mi Top speed: 541 mph, certainly the fastest F & P so far until Elon gives us a freebie SpaceX ride.

Now all you Jet Fuel & Jellybean aficionados, post your best airport chow experiences on the Chef Kerry or Cafe Miranda FB & instagram pages. We need the info!

Fly fast, Eat safe, Chef Kerry Altiero

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