Food & Petrol Lands Itself in Florida

Posted Thursday, April 25, 2019

It’s Hotdogs, hot weather & is a hotdog a sandwich???

Summer + beach = Hotdogs. Or a Taylor Pork roll if you are from Jersey. I ain’t in Jersey as it is 85 degrees, April and the ocean is warm, for someone who lives in Maine at least.

In the never ending “Hotdogs of Character” or HOC, search, here is the latest from The Hotdog Hut in Jax Beach, Florida.

Unassuming in a small strip mall resides the homespun style of HH. A selection of regional dogs, Chicago, Carolina, Chili, Texas and a slew of others. Oh the usual “which? How many can I eat? Should I?” rattled in my noggin. I went with Chicago & chili (as you my dear Petrol heads know, my go-to) with raw onion & mustard. Griddled by my fine cooks/servers, Charleen & Debra, these had the love of folks that enjoy the work. Regulars streamed in of all ages, greeted by first name and a hearty “Bye Bye” to one and all. Just like Miranda. Kindred souls connected by the mighty Wurst.

Oh, The dogs! Chi-town: These folks have the radioactive green relish, the pickled hot peppers and themselves apply poppy seeds to the bun. Textural thrills as the Chi dog usually delivers. Contrasts. Hot (like heated) with cold acidic pickle, zippy peppers and that iridescent relish. Tomato and Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Perfect. The Chili dog: Griddled dog, fresh roll, chili, mustard properly placed on the dog BEFORE the chili and coarse onion on the top. On the money.

A locals place with a heart usually leads to conversation and it happened again. Q: Is a hotdog a sandwich (or sangwich for my Ital American friends)? Charleen was unequivocal. “Meat squished between bread, it is a sandwich”. What about the roll, it is a bun, not bread. “No says C. A bun IS bread and therefore these are sandwiches”. Case closed. Ah, but is it?

You miles per gallon gormands, Desmodromic dog eaters, please to weigh in.

IS A HOTDOG A SANDWICH? A Cafe Miranda PhD hotdog is in your future for what I, in my completely and admittedly biased opinion is the most interesting, goofy, apocryphal yarn.

Go to it.

2019 is going to a great Food & Petrol year and I thank you all for the time & interest.

PS: Chef WB informed me that Lonnies in Gray, Maine has opened for the season. Chef WB is maybe the most respected Chef in Maine so these may be THE THING.

I will let you know.

Ride safe, burp inside your helmet to re-savor the dogs & wind it out. Chef K.

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