Food & Petrol in Anson Maine. 

Posted Monday, August 26, 2019

Food & Petrol is in Anson Maine, home of the Good & Plenty Diner. 

Great staff, nice place, clean, lots of offerings. 

Me? Breakfast! Sausage gravy (made in house) on homemade biscuits topped with poached, additional carbs on the side. 

Everything I saw looks very good. Ya know, if a place smells right, it usually is. This place has it. 

Filled, coffeed up! From Jackman to Rockland today…great roads and man, they do drive fast out here and that certainly suits me! The bike: 03 Ducati ST4S. 117 HP. Quite fast, sounds unbelievable, handles the same. Just the thing to hustle thru the twisties on Maine route 201 from Skowhegan to Jackman!

Next up from FOOD & PETROL, Boston vespa scootering…

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