Food & Petrol: I get to Purgatory. Fall foliage run to Bethel Maine. Part 1

Posted Saturday, November 9, 2019

Alas driveshaft & Deli fans, winter is near upon us. Motorbikes and scooters soon relegated to the Barn. luckily, we do still have cars with removable roofs till the snow flies. Top down, windows up, heat blasting, leather, gloves, hat, scarf even! Hardcore or silly? Yes… Both.

Destination Bethel Maine. Known for ski resort action and any activity that can be carried out with a mountain and serious vertical drops. Climbs, falls, mountain biking, 4 & 2 wheeling, in addition to all the stuff to do when it’s frozen. The Mountains of western Maine, are a different scenery than midcoast. The Mt. Mindset is similar regardless; straightforward, honest, safe as the rest of the State, less lobsters, more Moose.

F & P took a rather circuitous route from The Rock City. Out out 17 to the Cap City and Hallowell to the well, it is in their name, Bolley’s Famous Franks #1.

It’s early, 9 ish, got dogs, got chili, got a homemade donut. Good wake and gorge eh? Style wise, Bolleys is in the similar tradition to our midcoast institution, Wasses. That is to say onions & dogs fried in peanut oil, steamed roll and as the Dali Lama suggests:
“One with Everything”.

As for this visit well, I did go chili with fried & raw onion, mustard, hand cut fries and a homemade donut. Angioplasty Special or Breakfast of Champions? Nevermind, a solid standard. An interesting sidenote about classic sit down Hotdog houses. Many have aspects of diners. For example Bolley’s (and my dear Coney Island in Pottsville PA) offer BLT’s, meatloaf & such, breakfast and in Bollley’s case, fried haddock, sweet or polish sausages, slaw, salad and more. I choked that all down, all good. Espresso in Hallowell’s down town & then off!

126 west to, to PURGATORY. Yes, Sister Annuciata was right. If I got lucky she said….. (I did get lucky), I got to purgatory! On we go…..Litchfield, Skirting LA, I proceeded through lovely leaves and the typical cute as heck Maine Villages. Rt 4 and Turner, Buckfield on 117, 219 to 26 and on to Bethel.

Petrol? 1991 Mazda Miata. It was my Dad Carl’s last car. Black, 2 door, 2 seats, tan roof & interior, and gold trim. Did Ii say mention Pop’ss is a 90+ year old Italian American? He did have that Pontiac Trans Am in the 80’s. Black and Gold. Smokey & the Bandit for sure. Always stylin’, a classy guy. So this toy car that gets the same MPG as my Ducati is anemic, tinney thin metal, fun as HE double hockeysticks! You certainly can learn to love a rotary or exit ramp in one of these! Solidly reliable as it is just a 90’s Mazda econocar with less stuff. Less weight, same power = FUN….A modernish MGB. One that runs when you want and damp weather strikes no fear.

So F&PPIES (no way that one), I have tooled along, viewed the Vistas, ate the hotdog, drank the coffee, stirred the gearbox, grinned, gunned the throttle, ate that donut. How does it get better?

Keep your blood pressure down and your tire pressure correct.
-Chef Kerry

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