Food & Petrol Goes to Texas, Part 2

Posted Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Fredericksburg Fun & Donut Diaries, Part 2: KOLACHIES!! With a Side of BB-Q & a Classic, Hip Motel

Petrol: MotoGP races up first, then a rented Ducati Multistrada to cruise The Hill Country. The great sounding V twin Desmo sung a sweet song as I “put the beans to her”. Precise handling, comfort & style. Italian. FORZA DUCATI!

The HC is an iconic place to motorbike. Lovely scenery, great food—in this case donuts & BB-Q. I must say I was taken aback at the many confectionaries that purvey things with a hole in the middle that were available all over!

In this case leaving Austin, heading the hour or two to Fredericksburg where my room at the revamped, classic mid-century Hotel Kitsmiller awaited.

First the BB-Q. I was told by a longtime friend & Chef “Don’t eat BB-Q in Austin, Chicken fried steak for sure, save the BB-Q for the first shack you see with blue tarps, smoke wafting, unsure if its open or closed.” As I came upon the Town line, there it was. PFIESTER’S BB-Q. Yes, looking like no one was around, I poked about, smoldering fire, nobody. At last I figured it out. That was the PIT. I managed to get into the shop and OMG, the smell. I knew I was in for a treat. Pulled pork Jalapeños wrapped in bacon & smoked? Yeah, Killer. Brisket? A Texas speciality. Those that know, a Brisket is the most difficult meat to smoke correctly. Patience, lo & slo heat. This was a revelation. Ok, a sandwich. Pickles, onions, the vinegar. Oh man. My pal was correct. Nothing like it. Fat & acidic balance. These fellows had the passion. I was shocked at first to be told that they had recently opened. No way, this stuff was no novice attempt.

Bryan & krue do have real experience. Paraphrasing “We used to do a pit at the ranch after football” (a religion, like BB-Q). From cradle to grave with a couple of bypass surgeries along the way… The Fare? Breakfast tacos, brisket, sausages, ohhhhhhh man. The Goods. Quote: “If there is no potato salad, that ain’t BB-Q, you just get out”. Hummm.

Chatting food, life, the universe and everything they asked where I was staying. Kitsmiller on Main. Where may that be? RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET! How convenient! Kitsmiller.. I parked the Duc & strolled in. WHAT? Vinyl records, players, vintage clothing & espresso? Where the F am I? Too cool.

The owners were on it. Groovy hardly describes this place. I was bunked in the Willie Nelson room. A State Hero he is. Memorabilia, well appointed and comfy.

Sweet sleep, arise before dawn to go ride and to my pleasure, across the street, next to Pfiesters is TOP DONUT. Not adequate donut, TOP DONUT! Yes, the usual types one would expect and delicious. A chat with a motorbike instant pal got me some tips for my 300 mile ride today. Very helpful. But wait, what are those? Whaat? A giant pig in a blanket? That ain’t no donut. My pal was more than happy to ‘splain. A Kolachie. Born of Czech pastries, the Texas version happily combines middle Europe with Tex-Mex. To wit, Yeast dough wrapped around a sausage with roasted Jalapeno & cheese. Make your plane reservations kids. These ubiquitous, for Texas, treats fueled my many 300 plus mile days gleefully riding the HC. More to come, Cowboy Poets, more Food. & Petrol.

Yes my life, My passions, here for you. Grateful to be here. See you at TOP DONUT…Chef K

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