Food & Petrol Goes to Texas, Part 1

Posted Monday, April 8, 2019

The Donut Diaries Part 1: Donuts in The Predawn Hours

My Trip to see MotoGP, 220+ MPH Grand prix motorbike racing with curves at 64 degree lean angles is the Petrol. Thrilling stuff. Even the slow guys are FAST!! Ah, then there is the food part of F & P.

Dateline: Austin, Texas. April 2018.

There it was, like a beacon in the pre dawn light… DONUTS! Where is a coffee shop in walking distance? Searching high and low (ok, google), I saw it. Mrs. Johnson’s Bakery, Since 1948. Donuts (I need a consult: doughnuts or donuts?) The drive thru open, neon sign beckoning, I strolled to the door. Locked. Ok, drive thru. Well, walk thru for me, tap on the glass and a bemused donut maker helps me out. No menu, no indication of what types are available. French cruller, creampuffs, what? Ok, gotta wing it. Glazed please and coffee. Coffee? Easily described as the American afterthought of acidic warm beverage to go with food in the styro cup with a thin straw. Yukk! I must say though, expected. The very accommodating worker painstakingly explained thru a language barrier that I am to drink this tepid brew thru the straw. No thanks Ma’am!

Ah, but the pastry (sorry pastry chefs), Donuts, cloudlike, the envy of Krispy Kreme. More on Krispy Kreme later) Delish!!! Just take a look at the pics. I must say my eyes glazed over, the tender, sugary confections in the dark seemed especially wonderful. Oh, and print on the bag, an obvious truth.

There is something up with donuts in Texas. Not every food is Tex-Mex or BB-Q. I saw many local shops some with a couple of locations, all with an individual style.

More to come. KOLACHIES!!!!

Be fast, be smooth, eat donuts… Chef K

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