Food & Petrol Goes Sub Tropical at La Perrada Del Gordo and Consumes the Stunning Gordo Perro (Dog)!

Posted Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Petrol, Perros & Porsches deliver an impact in the dead of winter for your humble reporter.
Perros = Hot dogs, Columbian style. Now in all my pickled tubular adventures, we go (I think authenticity) international, to sunny Florida. In an unassuming shopping center in West Palm Beach lies La Perrada Del Gordo to wit, The Fat Dog.

Now LPDG is not just about Dogs but Gordo Burgers, Arepas, Empanadas, Ceviche, Salchipapa (chopped hot dogs & fries) Tamales!

Needless to say this is a ethnic spot. Decor is fast food modern with a South American slant, columbian movie posters, most folks speaking Spanish, tile floors, COLORS on the walls. For a dude that has spent the last 30+ years in New England this was a travel channel special in my mouth.

In our previous ramblings we have had all sorts of dogs. Kimchee, Chicago, Coney, North Carolina and so on. All these did have some things in common, size, bun (sorta) and in general recognizable to us ‘mericans. These however were something else! At 6.95 no less. Then there are the sides, fried plantain, chicharron, yuca fritas.

To the meat and the rest. Check out the photos, OMG HUGE! It is my opinion that gut busting portions are not the measure of success or excess. Now get this, The GORDO PERRO: Dog, on HUGE bun, topped with choice of shredded (that’s pulled y’all) beef, chicken OR both, mustard, garlic sauce, ketchup, cheese, (keep going Kerry) tomato, bacon, something called “showy pink”, I do love the pink, puree pineapple and, crumbled potato chips (genius) AND a hard boiled quail egg. Right. Over. The. Top.

I’ll ask all you under hydrated hydro carbon gourmands if this is a traditional Columbian style. Regardless, this is street food gone Nuclear. More? The aforementioned Ceviche with a ton of shrimp, 6.95? DEAL! Oh, espresso, one yankee dollar. Hello Barstucks with the coffee that costs the same as a meal here. Food for the proletariat! As I am but one over indulgent passionate petrolista, this will deserve several visits to sample the broad and affordable fare. I have had many $40 ego laden plates that struggle to hold a candle to many of the humble vendors of the everyday chow.

And the Petrol? 99 Porsche Boxster. Referred to by my late Bro, Keith as “The orthodontist’s girl friend’s car.” Not wife BTW. Oh Bro. Regardless, this is a mid engine, flat 6 cylinder, water cooled 200+ hp go kart. I was lucky (?) enough to encounter some rain on my way to see Cousin Cathy, Daughter of my “Auntie Fluffie” of cauliflower and pasta fame. Why lucky? Well FLA is flat, few of the great driving roads we have in Maine. Can you say EXIT RAMP? Oh the sideways fun! Who needs a theme park ride when one has hydrocarbon hubris? Oh, and the sound! As all porsche sixes are, wonderful with a grin inducing howl in the upper rev ranges. Slick shifting, near neutral handling good sounds from the mid engine, radar detector armed Iwent a buzzing up the Turnpike in the company of Blitzen Benzes, awesome Audis and the odd Maserati at 100+ MPH. With a hydraulic top, red leather interior, Pink bird sticker attached off Iwent. Have I lost my mind? ( I have with the ital motorbikes and such) Porsches are expensive! Not true. This is a 20 year old 58k mile fun place. These cars are affordable as these are just used cars in sunny FL. What is NOT affordable is the repairs and parts as those things keep pace with new ones. That said, I found a great local independent Porsche shop in West Palm. Stahl Motorsports. Shout out to Dan & his staff. Thoughtful, up front, on time and prolly half of what the dealer would have skinned me for. Thank you!


Away from the sun leaving my friend’s behind, back to beloved icy Maine, Miloh The Excellent Dog and kick ass Cafe Miranda Food.

The flying bus is a boarding, adieu, ciao, via con dios all you cholesterol battling comrades, see you at Wasses!
Eat safe and Fly well,
Chef K

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