Food & Petrol cruises into The Washington General Store, Washington Maine

Posted Monday, July 2, 2018

Hot, a bit drowsy and on my way to H.J.BLAKE’S, which i will not make today, again. I promise i will! I ventured into Washington General Store (see General Washington in his WG garb!) for a repast & coffee. The former Luce’s Bargain shop, restored or lets say repurposed into a spiffy, something for everyone food, beverage, pastry, pizza and next store Hardware stop. Please dear readers, i want your tales of Luce’s as i have fond memories of stopping here on the way back from a day of swimming with my then infant and now 24+ year old son and family in Lake St. George.

Quality is the go word here. House made croissants, cookies, Pizza of local renown, a fantastic WALL OF BEER, super wines, mixers, Children’s books (?!) razor blades, well you get the idea. A modern version of the center point of a village that every hamlet in Maine had back in the day. Oh, and Harry Belafonte playing completes or skews the imagery. I will go for complete.

I met a few patrons on a sweltering early July day. Beckie & Bill from Morrill Maine in their Mustang convertible, essentially doing what i am doing, which is nothing really with a destination that has good food. Kudos to the staff from B & B on souper soup & sandwiches on their semi aimless drive. Next were Rachel and her daughter, Stella now sporting an official Cafe Miranda Flamingo pin! Pizza was the name of that game, and the aforementioned kids books! A store, a true classic in the spirit of days gone by, revised and edited into the modern day.

Owners, Amy & Shawn, Science majors, then Carpenter/contractor folks, wanted a place in their town of 15 years that saw most all the businesses that were here close. A place to shop and more importantly, BE. Safe, great food, the center of town both geographically and socially. Well, after opening May 22, 2015 they and their 4 kids have made a anchor of a place in Washington. A place for Budweiser and Craft beer, pizza and panini. Try the Razorvile Reuben or Caesar meets Washington, subs on house made rolls and i could go on. You however should go on, on down or up or over to WGS and take a looksee. Food & Petrol bringing you the goods from the backroads of Maine and grateful to do so. KA

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