Another episode of Food & Petrol

Posted Friday, June 15, 2018

In my never ending search for Hot Dogs Of Character (HDOC) i had brutal disappointment today. I rode from Our Fair City to Belgrade Lakes to H.J.BLAKE’S a spot i ran across last summer. Fond memories of tubular delights were dashed, dashed! Closed till June 28th… Sad folks, but all is not lost!! On my way there whilst cruising downtown Augusta, i spied Lisa’s Legit Burritos I did see in their window sign, “Hot Dogs” but they have been stricken from the menu..Soooo burritos eh? Yes!

Lets talk Augusta for a sec.. Been there lately? Bb-q, A WINE BAR (!) a Brewery (Cushnoc Brewing Co.) with a genuine Pat J Patrick Manley wood fired oven (like mine), a soon to open bakery with a full coffee bar, NY style deli….enough already, suffice to say stuff is happening in this historic and quite beautiful downtown. Make it a stop.

Ok, Lunch, Lisa’s killed it with a host of offerings. Burrito, taco, tortas, quesadillas and all the regulars you want and expect. Solid Burrito with beef, refried beans and some butternut squash, Habanero – garlic salsa to kick it, a definite YUM. The store is cute, funky and a bit quirky in the best sort of way. Lisa’s offer Vegan, Vegetarian and plenty for the carnivores in your entourage. A unexpected find in a downtown that looks like it is waking up. Go there!

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