Hannaford Chef’s Table

Get fired up about cooking with a yearlong celebration of simple, everyday food inspired by local chefs.

Hannaford announced its fight to help with child nutrition across 5 states, with the help of its newly founded program the Hannaford Chefs Table! The Chefs Table includes 4 local chefs (Kerry included!!) with a fire for helping build a strong community. They also help folks make delicious, fresh affordable meals at home!

In the state of Maine, Hannaford support is focused an outreach program from the Food Bank, to helps families learn how to prepare healthy meals that are easily accessible!

So far, Hannaford has contributed more than $500,000, half of which was raised by the Chef’s Table!

Kerry, and everyone at Cafe Miranda is so incredibly proud to be apart of this journey with Hannaford Supermarkets!

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